Breast cancer model
Breast cancer model - Gift from E. Marangoni, Institut Curie

The PDX Collection

The current collection of PDX models across the EurOPDX member institutions displays over 1,500 subcutaneous or orthotopic models for more than 30 different solid tumour types. One of our main objectives in the next few years will be to homogenise the characterisation of the models across the collection, following the validation and characterisation standards agreed by the Consortium (more details here).

The models will remain in the laboratories where they have been developed, and our goal is to promote and facilitate the exchange of models between centres for particular collaborative projects. To this end, we are working on a common Material Agreement Template to accelerate the legal aspects related to the exchange of PDX models and related materials.

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Details of the collection for some pathologies

Colorectal cancer


291 primary tumours

444 liver mets

4 lung mets

15 other mets

Characterisation: 350+ already characterised by transcriptome arrays and targeted sequencing,
but also 150+ by WES and 250+ drug monitoring

Pancreatic cancer


211 primary tumours

24 liver and other mets

Characterisation: 120+ transcriptomic, 100+ CGH, 120+ WES, 20+ WGS, 70+ RNAseq, 70+ MiR

Breast cancer


54 luminal

89 triple negative

18 HER2+

Characterisation: 90+ transcriptomic, 40+ CGH, 40+ WES, drug monitoring

Lung cancer




Ongoing characterisation

Skin melanoma


3 primary tumours

133 subcutaneous and others mets

Characterisation: 20+ WES, 40+ gene panel, drug monitoring

Gynecological cancers



Ongoing characterisation

Head and neck cancer


50 primary tumours

13 mets

Ongoing characterisation

Other Cancers

Gastric (140)

Glioma (26, incl. 3 IDH mut)

Sarcoma (35)

Renal (27)

Testicular (18)

Uveal melanoma (17)

Paediatric (12)

Skin squamous cell carcinomas (10)

Please contact us with any specific enquiry